One of the sort of residual effects of the #metoo uprising of the last 18 months or so is that it’s spread past the arena or sexual harassment and gender pay gaps into the realm of inclusivity in media and entertainment. With drum & bass possibly being seen as the far reaches of the bass music underground and perhaps not quite as overtly sexist as other genres, it nonetheless stands to be examined in the same way to see where improvements can be made.

Labels like Shogun and Hospital as well as publications like UKF, DJ Mag the once-and-again Knowledge Mag and our fair rag Your EDM have all made moves to take a closer look at women in drum & bass. The artists, the members of the press and all other legs of the industry are coming together to discuss where we are and where we can go to possibly level the playing field in drum & bass.

This discussion is coming none too soon with an influx of female production and DJ talent hitting the circuit lately and an industry to which they desperately need exposure going forward. The afore-mentioned Hospital Records is in a unique position to offer artists advice not only on releases but on how to break into gigging with its series of festivals and nights in the UK and Europe.

The Hospital label and Hospitality promo company have already been making strides to reach out to the female talent pool and it’s no wonder, with many of its top executives being female. In its continuing efforts, just shy of the massive Hospitality In the Park this weekend in London, Hospital are holding a Women In Drum & Bass Workshop tomorrow, September 17.

The event will consist of a workshop about best practices in signing tracks for artists run by Hospital’s own Head of Legal Megan Bean and a panel addressing gender imbalance in drum & bass featuring panelists from Hospital, Critical Music, Nocturne Music and Soho Radio, AEI/Drum & Bass Arena and the Young Urban Arts Foundation. It promises to be an informative and pretty full-on event, addressing issues in D&B head-on in a way that it desperately needed right now.

Some of the conversations around the gender gap topic can be difficult and awkward but most in the D&B scene agree they need to be addressed so it’s great to see big labels like Hospital taking the bull by the horns and not only airing these discussions but working to move forward to create a more inclusive genre in the hopes that other areas of music and media follow suit.

Anyone located in London is invited to attend the Hospital Women In Drum & Bass Workshop in Shoreditch and can RSVP by clicking here. Bear in mind, however, this is a sought-after event and it’s first come first served so arrive early.