After dropping several singles, Denmark’s Dillistone now releases his full 3rd Culture Kid EP. An eagerly awaited collection, the producer/DJ has already hit over 5 million Spotify streams with past tracks. This EP is all about the difficulties faced by youngsters living in another country and feeling out of place.

There are four tunes up for grabs here, with the experimental ‘Molotov’ leading neatly into the powerfully melodic ‘Fuckboy.’ ‘Flex’ features dynamic groove and rhythmical flair, before ‘Priority’ closes out proceedings with a pop-leaning hook and some softly layered percussion.

Dillistone explains his release, saying: ”This new EP is an exploration of new sounds and concepts based in childhood recordings my mom made of my brothers and I growing up. The songs are influenced by how I’ve changed over the last few years not just in music but specifically my personal life and is an important step for me as an individual and artist to take. Its not always pretty but its the truth.”

Stream it below.