If you’re looking to find the best new slice of electronic music then look no further than Foreign Family Collective’s current roster. The brainchild of producer ODESZA has been going from strength to strength since it was launched back in 2015 and has evolved into a diverse soundscape, cultivating vibrant artists such as MEMBA, Big Wild, Jai Wolf, Rufus Du Sol, Kasbo, Chet Porter, and Louis Futon -to name a few.

Now Nashville hailing electronic female two-piece mai.la have released their brand new EP ‘blush’ through the label and it’s the perfect sound and fit. ‘blush’ spreads itself across five diverse cuts. The single ‘maybe’ serves as a softly pattering introduction to the set – intertwining guitar hooks around breathy vocals and soft pads. The duo reflects: “We’ve been attached at the hip for an eternity, cut from the same mold. We wrote this song for us, and people like us, that have someone in their life that are the same type of psycho as them. They’ll drive you crazy, and you let them take the wheel.”

Filled with haunting melodies, intricate lyricism and heavy sparkling synths blending into one another throughout, “blush” breaks the norms delivering an exhilarating new sound. We’re expecting big things from man.la over the next 12 months so make sure you give their new EP a listen below!