Flume opens up about his new mixtape and the pressures of success in a new interview with GQ Australia

The Grammy Award-winning producer blew up with this self-titled debut album and only continued to skyrocket with his second studio album, Skin. The project took off in ways he could have never anticipated, with its fair share of growing pains.

He reveals to GQ Aus: “Everything I put out just kept growing exponentially, to the point where I freaked out about putting something out that might not grow.”

And talks radio play: “I’d just sit in this room for hours doing all of these lines for radio stations, like, ‘Hi this is Flume and you’re listening to blah blah blah’ and I hated it. I was like, ‘what the fuck am I doing? What is my life now? It’s like turned into this whole other beast.’”

Sound familiar? Flume’s new mixtape plays off that time behind the mic. But that’s all behind him (at least for now) and he’s thriving in his current creative space.

“My mental space around doing a record now isn’t like freaked out or anything, I don’t feel this great pressure that I put on myself because of all the success momentum that came with Skin. Yeah, I think I feel more comfortable about making another record.”


Source: GQ Australia | Photo via Rukes.com