We are graced with the presence of duo Handsome Habibi this week, who fill us in on their intergalactic musical inspirations. With new single ‘The Whistle’ still doing the rounds, it’s time to get to know this unique pairing a little better…

Many thanks for joining us! How would you best introduce yourselves?

We are Karl & Cinco aka Handsome Habibi and we are twin Brothers from the planet of Montclaire, born in the year 2148. Rightful Heirs to the Throne of King Tut 3000. We travelled through space and time in search of our missing sister. And we are currently stranded on planet earth due to a malfunction on our time space-glider.

What is the Handsome Habibi sound all about? When did you start making music? 

Our cradles had the shapes of a keyboard and guitar respectively. So literally from birth. Our sound is the transformation of love into acoustic frequencies. Ya dig?

What do you love most about doing this as a job?

We do not understand the term job. Is this an earthly thing? 

Where did your musical love story start for you? Do you remember any key early influences? 

It started very early on, in our Mama’s womb. Also hearing Dad banging his sceptre on the throne or watching Orcas hunt gave us a good idea of what rhythm and dynamic is. But our main influence are the sounds of nature.

Who or what are you currently really into, music-wise? 

There is this guy, the RZArect, a shaman from our home planet, who makes these unbelievable compilations of humming Killerbee sounds. Absolute brilliant. That is currently on heavy rotation. Sometimes when Karl is sad he likes himself some vintage Britney Spears or Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball.’

The Whistle’ is out now and is so catchy. Did it take you long to produce? 

Thank you. That is very kind of you, dear Earthling. When we enter a flow state of mind we forget about the concept of time. We re all about love and deep bass!

What story did you want it to convey to listeners? 

That Love Is All You Need To make Every Little Thing Complete. And sometimes the bounce helps!

Are you happy with the end result?

We are literally living our best whistling lives right now, given the circumstances.

Who would you love to remix or collaborate with?

We were always big fans of AJ of the Backstreet Boys. But Barbara Streisand is our secret obsession. 

What do you have coming up next?

We are currently looking for a new flat, still waiting on spare parts for our spaceship. Karl started taking pottery classes and I enrolled in a raw vegan cooking class and we are both getting the hang of your planet. It’s funny and bizarre at the same time.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

We just came to have a good time, basically. Watch out for new love infused bass bangers and say hi to a Habibi when you see one in the street. Peace n Love. Karl & Cinco.