Mark veins and Bromar‘s original collaboration ‘Fake Love’ has just received a fresh new take on the original composition by fellow longtime collaborator, Shöckface. Shöckface has taken the R&B collaboration and flipped it on its head, adding a whole new eerie dynamic.

‘Fake Love (Shöckface Inversion)’ does the name of the record justice as Shöckface inverts the record into a dark and eerie ballad filled with signature Shöckface vocal chops and experimental overtones. The record paints a warm yet haunting soundscape joined by Bromar’s crooning vocals. As the break starts to drown out from the rising buildup, signature Shöckface fills litter the record and experimental prowess is on full display to be heard.

Listen to ‘Fake Love (Shöckface Inversion) below. Grab a free download and stream the record on all platforms here.

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