Harry Nathan is one versatile producer and songwriter. Moving from the visually acclaimed pop anthem, ‘Rooftops’ to smooth, organic lo-fi vibes on his previous release, ‘Sweet Release’ and now to his latest nu-disco and house inspired smash, ‘Frontin’ Me’. This track is a straight vibe from the get go with reminiscent soul levels of that renowned FKJ and Tom Misch collaboration, ‘Finding My Way’. Dropping in with a dancing bass line, cloudy synths and gritty vocals, this is a jam to be played again and again late into the night, grooving until the the break of dawn.

Speaking on the tracks’ creation Harry comments:

“The song was recorded into a 1984 SONY M-10 microcassette recorder. I wasn’t really sure what I was singing, I was just jamming and mumbling, stream of consciousness kind of thing. When entering this kind of trance, my lyrics tend to reflect unsurfaced emotions, and it wasn’t until after I had finished recording that I realised the song was about people that are fake, putting up a façade trying to impress all the time.” – Harry Nathan”