Now ready to hear through Ultra Music is ‘Bummed,’ a killer single from Canadian producer Chet Porter. He has joined up with headline artist, singer/songwriter and producer Alison Wonderland and it drops ahead of nine tour dates across North America.

With vocals from both artists shining through, this indie-leaning track has an infectious rhythm at its core and drifting guitar hums. Chet Porter explains how it came about, revealing: “I played an older version of it for Alison Wonderland one day and she instantly started humming this chorus melody over it, so she wrote some lyrics and we recorded it all within like 10 minutes… the song’s basically about dealing with depression. I wanted to mention different things like how a person can look happy, but it doesn’t mean they are. And like, I probably need therapy, but I can’t afford it.”

Listen to ‘Bummed’ below.