2019 was quite the year for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The Belgian duo reclaimed the top spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll and they dropped a slew of releases that saw them lean into more pop, hip-hop, and Latin inspired directions. After kicking off 2020 with a rave banger “Der Alte (The Anthem)” with Timmy Trumpet, DVLM are back with another high octane festival banger, “The Chase.”

Teaming up with frequent collaborator Quintino, “The Chase” is a track made to get large crowds fired up. “The Chase” also makes delightful use of the accordion, but make no mistake, this track is pure mainstage madness. We got the chance to have a little chat with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike about creating “The Chase,” upcoming new music, the brothers’ side projects and dealing with self-isolation. Here’s what they had to say.

Hey Dimi & Mike, thanks for chatting with us. First I’d like to talk to you guys about your new track “The Chase” with Quintino. Obviously you guys are all friends and have worked together before. How did you guys come up with the track and how do you pick and choose who you collaborate with?

Dimitri Vegas: “Our pleasure! Quintino is part of the family! We’ve worked on a lot of music together in the past so we’re used to each other’s flow and it happens naturally now. Our production styles complement each other, so we know what comes is an extra dimension to any track we collaborate on.”

Like Mike: “‘The Chase’ started like most other collaborations we work on, with an initial idea. We sent the project back and forth and played around with a few different musical elements until we landed on the final track, which we’re really happy with! When looking at artists to collaborate with, we always try to work with artists we’re into who inspire us. We listen to such a wide range of music so often get new ideas for people we’d like to collaborate with. Doing it with our bro Quintino is always a pleasure.”

I feel like 2019 really saw you two diversifying your sound and dabbling in pop, hip-hop, R&B and such. How does it feel to get back to making a more rave-friendly EDM track? How does your process change when you’re making a more radio-friendly track and you’re working with someone like Wiz Khalifa or Daddy Yankee as opposed to like Quintino or Nicky Romero?

DV: “We’re both big music fans and listen to some many different styles which naturally translates into the music we make. It’s important for us not to pigeonhole ourselves as that wouldn’t represent who we are as artists or people. We get to work with some of the most talented artists in the world, whether that be Wiz Khalifa or on this track with Quintino, so we are constantly pushing the boundaries and trying new ideas in the studio which we can take forward into releases.”

You’ve each also been doing a lot of stuff outside of music. Tell me about some of your outside endeavours like video games and for Dimi acting? How do you both manage to balance all that while still being DVLM?

LM: “We’re in such a privileged position that allows us to explore our different creative passions. As artists it’s important to keep pushing forward, and we both have an innate desire to follow our passions. I’m exploring my solo projects and recently launched my Green Room label which is all linked to my love of more urban music. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will always be at the centre of what we do, and through exploring these avenues we’re able to bring new things to the table which means we can keep innovating and giving the fans something fresh.”

DV: “I’ve always been fascinated by film, conveying stories and emotions on screen the same as you would when working on music. Being involved on different sets and working with hugely skilled actor/actresses in the film industry has taught me a lot about showcasing different themes, and I think that has had a knock-on effect on our music as a result. Getting to work alongside big screen heroes like Jean-Claude Van Damme in The Bouncer and Sylvester Stallone in the latest Rambo movie are highlights of my side career in the film industry and push me on to achieve more.”

What new music can fans expect from you? Any dream collabs at the moment?

DV: “We’ve spent a lot of time in the studio recently, working on new music and finishing projects, so we have a lot of new sounds ready to drop in the next few months. We’re really excited about our upcoming music schedule, fans can expect some interesting collaborations as well with guys we’ve wanted to work with for a long time!”

Obviously, we’re in very strange and unprecedented times right now with the Coronavirus. How have each of you been impacted personally and how are you each coping with self-isolation?

LM: “We’re all in this together right now and it’s the only way we’re going to get back to how life was before this, by sticking together. For us, it’s been a change because we’re so used to being on the road for weeks at a time, travelling and playing shows, so we’ve had to adjust just like the rest of the world has. For touring musicians, this gives an almost unprecedented opportunity to write new music with so much free time, and I expect to hear a ton of amazing new music coming out of this.”

DV: “We’re used to being flexible and try to keep a routine whilst on the road to keep us in the best state physically and mentally, and I think that is especially important during all of this. People need to carry on exercising and attempting to eat healthy, and spend time communicating with their friends and family. There are so many ways to keep in touch so it’s been fun seeing new creative ways that people are using to stay in contact with their loved ones! The most important thing in all of this is people’s health and well-being.”

Any other words for the fans?

DVLM: “Stay at home, stay safe, take care of one another and we’ll see you all again soon” 

Listen to the latest track from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Quintino, “The Chase” out now on Smash the House.