Zardonic and Pythius… Honestly, I could end this article right here, the might of those two names so palpable.

Out tomorrow is the Pythius remix of “Children of Tomorrow” from Zardonic, a thrilling, bombastic reimagining of the original on par with the rock/DnB vibes of Pendulum or The Qemists. The remix is dark and foreboding, building atop the already stellar roots laid down by Zardonic.

Pythius sets his remix apart from the original by doing away with the more mechanical sounds and effects and layering some of that awesome Dutch DnB flavor on top. Embellishing the main melody and adding some fantastic classic DnB effects, the new remix pays close attention to the original while still creating something new and exciting.

This is truly one of our favorite drum & bass releases of the year so far, so listen to it below! Get it here when it’s officially out tomorrow.