Rich Delinquent is blazing a trail like no one else. We’ve provided extensive coverage of his previous singles, and most recently his incredible debut EP, DM If You Need To. He brings immense talent to his productions and can literally do it all, from playing multiple instruments, to singing, songwriting, and doing the entire production. He’s truly a rising star.

His latest release sees him stripping down his ‘DM If You Need To‘ EP into what he’s dubbed the ‘Alt Sessions‘, showcasing beautifully stripped down versions of 3 of his popular songs. Replacing synths with plucked guitars, he transitions “It’s Cold Where I Come From” into an acoustic masterpiece really pulling out the emotion from the track. “Forget About Me” originally has hints of trap and this almost tangible aggression whereas in this alternative session he provides more of a soulful perspective with a sense of yearning in his voice. Lastly for this release Rich Delinquent trades the energetic version of “Death Drive” for more intimate tones, immersing you into emotion of the song.

It’s fascinating to hear these songs reimagined and stripped down, essentially showcasing just how good these songs at the core.

Stream Rich Delinquent’s ‘DM If You Need To (Alt Sessions)‘ EP below!