Flosstradamus is at it again with a new music video for their release Mosh Pit, featuring Casino. The video begins with a user warning: may cause seizures, as it jumps right into the middle of a strobe-light influenced journey on a dance floor. The video illustrates a dark, underground feel through its use of ominous colors. Even the kandi masks, which are stereotypically made of bright pony beads, are portrayed in blacks and whites.

The video continues just as the lyrics predicted: “They hit the club and turn the crowd into a mosh pit”. Lights flashed. Guys convulsed. Girls probably twerked but it’s hard to tell. And the crowd went wild.

The song begins with a solid feel, but as it progresses, the vocals start to take away from the beat as opposed to enhancing it. I understand that the vocalist seemingly straining his voice is intended to heighten the energy within the track; however, the vocals end up inducing extreme anxiety in me as he continues to scream over the otherwise filthy beats. Calm down sir, you can still get your point across while maintaining your voice, I promise. 

One thing is certain though, the video definitely captures the excitement at a Floss show well.