As we reported on earlier, the brand new Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson collaboration “Just Hold On” has soared into the charts since debuting at #2 this week. As noted, the song and its lyrics pay tribute to the late Johannah Deakin, Louis’ mother who tragically passed away last week.
If you look at the track’s production credits it’ll tell you that there are three producers on the track. Steve Aoki, Sir Nolan, and Jay Pryor. While Sir Nolan and Jay Pryor may both be unfamiliar to you, rest assured Sir Nolan is a known commodity in the pop world having collaborated with Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, and more.
Jay Pryor on the other hand, is a relatively unknown producer hailing from Ireland with less than 15,000 SoundCloud followers who has know found himself at #on the UK Dance charts having co-produced a song for a global superstar with another global superstar.

Having been unfamiliar with Jay’s work prior to “Just Hold On,” I took the time to browse through his SoundCloud familiarizing myself with the producer’s ‘happy-go-lucky’ house sound that’s not only evident on “Just Hold On” but some of his remixes below.

Check below for a live performance of the track between vocalist Louis Tomlinson and Aoki himself and expect to hear even more from Jay Pryor in the near future!

Image: Rukes