One word that can describe Tim is bold. Only a bold man could send his production (The Moment) to a sole record company and gamble everything he had worked for on that decision. Straight from the city of Brighton, British producer Tim Mason has since his release of The Moment on Steve Angello’s Size Records climbed up the echelons’ of the electronic dance music scene. His story, while quite recent and still in its introductory stage, truly illustrates how fast the scene is growing. From his release of The Moment in June 2010 to now, Tim Mason has been touring, producing and been an active member of the expanding scene. After his first release Tim worked for another few months to unleash another hit, Anima. This track, showcases what Tim had learned in the past months, and was quickly adopted by DJs around the world as it could be heard from clubs in Ibiza to after parties in New York.

From Brighton to now touring across the world, Tim is fully embracing the lifestyle that comes with being a top notch producer. And is still taking the time to give back to the fans as he just recently released two free edited versions of his recent productions Anima and The Moment, whose free counterpart are titled Anima OMG and The Moment OMG.

Tim Mason – The Moment OMG

Tim Mason – Anima OMG

We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions while he had a few minutes to breath in Croatia on the tail end of his Roll Call Tour Part 2 which saw him in all corners of the globe. So without further ado here is Tim Mason.


Your EDM: Hi Tim, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions. First could you tell us where you currently are?

Tim Mason: Thanks for having me! Right now I’m in Croatia, it’s pissing down outside (what is going on?!) all my friends on Facebook are posting picture of the blistering sun in England and I can’t seem to get further away ha ha.


Your EDM: How did you first get in contact with Size Records and Steve Angello, and why did you decide to sign with them over other labels?

Tim Mason: When I finished writing The Moment I thought there was only one label where it belonged, it wasn’t a case of deciding to sign with Size over other labels, the case was that Size was the only label I sent it to and they took it which I was over the moon about.


Your EDM: What are you currently planning on next? Focusing on touring or potential releases?

Tim Mason: Lots of both. I do wish I had a clone or two things would be so much easier! Swanky Tunes have got it bang on. Met them a few times, lovely boys, one of them stays in the studio and the other two perform – the machine never stops! I don’t know if it’s like that all the time but the times I’ve seen them out it was just two of them. Those boys can party!


Your EDM: Why did you decide to release two updated versions of The Moment and Anima very recently as free downloads?

Tim Mason: I’ve been playing The Moment OMG and Anima OMG in my sets all year and rather than giving them to other DJ’s or selling them I thought I’m going to give these ones away so I did 🙂


Your EDM: What is your most memorable performing experience? (e.g. favourite club, anecdote, etc.…)

Tim Mason: I closed my last US tour at Santos Party House in New York, that night was pretty memorable. We pulled up and there was a queue round the block and everyone was going crazy. We had to go through the back door and the promoters told me I was the second person to have to use the back entrance I was like what the fuck! I got on the decks and the room erupted. Wicked, wicked night


Your EDM: Best and worst tracks out there, right now?

Tim Mason: Well I’ve just finished my new single so I’ve got to say that, and as for worst track I get sent so many bad promos it’s too hard to pick one ha ha


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