Vodge Diper has been tearing it up in the studio lately. The talented UK native (now residing in South Korea) has skyrocketed to the top of the electro house scene with his signature maximal, glitchy sound, and now he’s made the leap to one of the most notable electro house labels in the game. Vodge Diper has teamed up with Jay Jacob, an Australian producer and vocalist, to launch his first original release on Big Fish Recordings. “Next To You” is a massive tune that incorporates the most thunderous elements of electro, progressive, and even a bit of tribal house—all of which combine to form one gigantic track. The song begins with an abbreviated groove, complete with percussive tom hits, giving the intro a rhythmic feel and painting an outline of the madness that is to come. The first breakdown starts off with an expressive vocal arrangement courtesy of Jacob, whose melodic power is only enhanced by the synth chords behind the lyrics. This leads into a floor-shaking drop, with a heavy sawtooth bassline driving the action, while clap hits and auxiliary percussion accentuate the groove. The second breakdown only adds to the weight of the track, as the vocals and synth work contribute to form a powerful build-up to a final drop that is sure to send any dance floor into a frenzy. The way in which Vodge balances out the progressive-sounding melodies of the vocals and synth arrangement with the driving, electro feel of the rest of the track is a breath of fresh air to the genre, and is sure to be a fixture in many a live set this fall. In addition to the original mix, also included on the release are remixes from Ryan Enzed, Sort Of Sick, and an alternate “remix” from Vodge Diper himself that puts a more glitchy, “complextro”-sounding spin on the original feel of the track. Grab your copy today.

Vodge Diper feat. Jay Jacob – Next To You (Original Mix)

Vodge Diper feat. Jay Jacob – Next To You (Ryan Enzed Remix)

Vodge Diper feat. Jay Jacob – Next To You (Sort Of Sick Remix)

Vodge Diper feat. Jay Jacob – Next To You (Vodge Diper Remix)

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