Boys Noize Records has been very busy this summer. With Boys Noize’s own “XTC” tracks released a few weeks ago, and Dog Blood’sMiddle Finger” EP shortly after, I wondered when another DJ in the BNR lineup would release something new to round out the summer. D.I.M. has done just that with the release of his “Living in Advance” EP. While he’s usually known for harder, darker, and heavier sounds, this EP departs to a more groovy club sound with less bit-crushing and more suave movement. Tracks like “GO!” and “Mariachi” keep in line with the erratic and bass-heavy sound that D.I.M. has been known to produce, whereas “Eternal” and “Dragon” offer sounds reminiscent of the 90’s club music scene. Either way, this EP looks to be a good showing from D.I.M. as he and the rest of BNR seek to do one thing and one thing only: keep it fresh.