For those of you unfamiliar with Quentin Dupieux’s work behind a camera, you may have missed his absurdist horror film “Rubber” as well as his more recent comedy, “Wrong.” They’re a little ridiculous, artsy, and at times hilarious, but what is even better about Dupieux’s films is that he takes a personal hand in the production of the soundtracks under his DJ alias of Mr. Oizo. He teams up with Tahiti Boy (David Sztanke), a Parisian indie pop producer, to create tracks that are bit airy, a bit moody, and at times very heavy. Numbers like “Resolution,” and “Pizza Note” offer cool, jazzy, and uplifting sounds with dominant influence from Tahiti Boy’s full band style. Being generally new to Tahiti Boy, I thought his contributions were well done considering the contrast with Mr. Oizo’s hard and steady beats. With that being said, tracks like “Mind Link 2,” “Turd Vision,” and “Ronnie,” definitely shined through as being more in line with Oizo’s electro roots. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack’s diversity from the ambient feels to the more than danceable bangers. Though the film was first released back in January of this year, the “Wrong” Original Soundtrack is finally available now on itunes.



Mind Link 2