The long awaited day has finally come and the official release of the highest production and budget value electronic dance music video is out for all to see. deadmau5‘s Professional Griefers featuring My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way as vocalist is the centerpiece of the music video, dictating the manner in which the cast and story evolves. The video is based on mimicking a UFC fight where instead of two individuals duking it out in a cage, it is two gargantuan iconic deadmau5 figurines, controlled by deadmau5 and Gerard Way themselves battling to the sound of Professional Griefers and the cheers of the fans.

The official video is original and definitely strays from the habitual festival and show snippets that generally make up other music videos and that have plagued videos for the electronic dance music scene (I’m mainly looking at you Tiesto). Also not being a particular fan of the vocal mix of the release I have to say that in the context of the music video I actually quite enjoyed it. Hope you find it as entertaining as we did and also catch the making of if you haven’t already done so!

deadmau5’s next album > album title goes here < is set for release on September 25th

Click here to Professional Griefers by deadmau5: Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix) [feat. Gerard Way] – Single – Deadmau5

The Making Of: