When USA first released back in 2011, I was fairly interested in what Surkin had to offer. Knowing him as one of the co-founders to the Marble record label, I knew he could breathe some life into the French techno scene. To be completely honest, I was slightly disappointed in his full album, liking a couple of tracks and losing the rest to 90’s club music nostalgia. But, it is possible that I was being slightly harsh. After giving the USA remix album a thorough listen, I feel as though I owe Surkin some more credit than I gave. With the likes of Brodinski, Das Glow, A-Trak, and Marble label mates Para One and Bobmo, each track feels much more lively, much more complete. Sure, some tracks retain the 90’s club sound, but they take a much more futuristic feel. They are as airy as much of the downtempo indie pop going around these days, but balanced with a glitchy electro vibe that keeps these remixes very fresh. I expect a lot of these remixes to turn up at your local dance clubs, that is, if the DJ knows what he or she is doing.

Harry feat. Bobmo (Strip Steve Remix)

Quattro feat. Bobmo (Feadz Remix)

Never Let Go feat. Kevin Irving (Club Cheval Remix)

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