It’s ironic that such hot tracks are emerging while summer is drawing to a close, but that is most certainly the case with “Beach Chords.” The scorching new collaboration between Leon Bolier and Marcus Schossow is released off of Streamlined (an imprint of Spinnin’ Records), and is one of the most uplifting tracks to come along this year. Leon Bolier, the classically-trained Dutch producer, is coming off of another huge release: “Us,” a thundering electro-progressive anthem–also off Streamlined–that turned the heads of many a listener back in July of 2012. In this newest effort, Mr. Bolier has teamed up with Marcus Schossow, the Swedish dynamo who most recently unleashed the soaring trance tune “Hurry Up” (Tone Diary, 2012). No stranger to big-room material himself, Marcus Schossow provides the perfect complement to Leon Bolier. The result is a seamless blend of the two producers’ styles, with each adding their own elements into the mix to create quite an impressive concoction. The track begins with a light and airy intro, before achieving a heavier, more driving feel courtesy of rhythmic leads mixed in, as well unorthodox percussion inserted throughout the sequence to add motion to the arrangement–often a trademark of Bolier’s technique. The steady groove takes us into a breakdown that begins with a few sparse chord stabs and a spacious pause, before quickly escalating into an all-out anthemic chord progression. High-end synth chords, atmospheric trance stabs, and bass hits all add to the forcefulness of the ascent, with snare hits added in for extra effect. Vigorous pitched-up leads take us up to the drop: an energy-filled rise into euphoria that comes back down in full force. After returning to earth, and after the drop, the final verse plays on with great liveliness thanks to the vintage Schossow synth arrangement backing the feel. The mid-range chord stabs are kept intact, while overarching, high-end trance chords chime in to make their presence known and add melodic weight to the arrangement. Leading to the end of the sequence, a bouncy lead adds some rhythm to the already monumental soundscape. And all the while, the off-beat percussion hits, rhythmic lead, and continuously-driving sub bass accent the remainder as the two producers take us through the outro.

Beach Chords” has that type of big-room, anthemic sound that house- and trance-heads alike crave. Its massive sound makes it perfect for a main room floor or a fall festival. As the month rolls on, the temperature may start to dip, and the leaves might begin to turn–but thanks to Leon Bolier and Marcus Schossow, you’ll at least have one track to keep the heat and passion of summer alive for a bit longer. Grab your copy today.


Leon Bolier & Marcus Schossow – Beach Chords (Original Mix)


Purchase: Beatport

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