Big things are happening over at Play Me Records. Bass queen Reid Speed does an amazing job of using the label to promote talented new artists, and Colorado’s Dirt Monkey is great example of that. A Play Me regular that’s also been featured on a variety of other labels, even getting support from Excision and Rottun Records, his unique style is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s heart-wrenching dubstep or bouncy moombahcore. This track, however, can’t be confined to one genre.

Hurt So Good is a 110 bpm track with progessive-house-esque vocals from the talented Anna Yvette (featured on several other Play Me releases as well as OWSLA’s Free Treats Vol. 2) that is difficult to categorize. While Beatport calls it glitch hop, its moombahton leads over electro basslines with gripping vocals will make you move regardless of your taste in electronic music. You will be hearing this track a lot throughout the fall festival season, so you might as well learn the words now.

Buy the EP and check out the remixes on Beatport here.

Check out Dirt Monkey here.