Fresh from their spring release “Rainfall,” an edgy big-room anthem off of PinkStar Records, Jidax is back in the saddle. They’re ready to kick up a storm with their newest track, “Thunder,” also a PinkStar Records release. PinkStar Records, EDX‘s label, has had a monster year already, pumping out releases from the likes of Disfunktion, Fred Lilla, Dinka, Swiss Official, Andrew Bennett, and EDX himself. It looks like the label has another hit on its hands from Jidax, as the French duo’s newest release is a mighty banger perfect for shaking off the coming chills of fall. “Thunder” is big-room progressive house at its finest, with intricate melodies meshing perfectly with a pounding bassline and energetic leads. A soft lead gives an introduction to the track, and paints a picture of the feel for a few measures. But leading into the first verse, Jidax introduces an additional lead–more forceful, more spacious, and a perfect way of simultaneously driving the track’s feel while bringing up the energy into the song’s later stages. A beautiful rise takes us into the climax of the track, where all the elements begin to assemble. Here, the high-octane leads, pulsing sub bass, clap hits, and alternating vocal samples come together in a seamless soundscape to give the song an emphatic groove. “Thunder” is an original, yet incredibly floor-friendly, tune perfect for a deeper bar-type set or for full-on peaktime frenzy. This is an all-out progressive stunner. Pick up your copy today. Warm and balmy songs are always nice, but now and then everyone’s track collection could use a bit of “thunder.”


Jidax – Thunder (Original Mix) [PinkStar Records]


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