Sonny Moore, more famously known as Skrillex has taken the mainstream music scene by storm. After his grammy nominations and wins Skrillex was chosen to compose the upcoming soundtrack of Disney’s latest animated movie “Wreck It Ralph“. The musical composition will feature Skrillex’s trademarked high pitched synth generated chords to highlight the movie’s video game theme. But Disney is going even further and following in the footsteps of Tron: Legacy with the inclusion of Daft Punk during a few short seconds of the movie, Skrillex will be animated for his very own cameo in “Wreck It Ralph“. Not much more has been said concerning his role in the movie and whether he will be displayed for more than a short amount of time, but this move by Disney showcases the spiked interest the entertainment giant is displaying for the EDM industry.

Skrillex, while “ecstatic” about the news and his increased involvement with the movie was also noted as being very particular about the character designed noted Clark Spencer, the producer of Wreck It Ralph in Total Film Magazine.

Wreck It Ralph will be in theater on November 2nd

Wreck It Ralph Trailer: