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The much anticipated day has finally arrived as deadmau5’s new album >album title goes here< is finally out for the whole world to hear. This latest release by the Toronto based producer and DJ is his 5th full-length album, and much like its predecessors >album title goes here< will have a large impact on the EDM scene. Built much like its originator, >album title goes here< is sporadic, original and predictably unexpected, it highlights Joel’s ability to deliver iconic yet diverging sounds all pact in one dense release.


Much like 4 x 4 = 12, >album title goes here< takes its listener on a journey, from its introductory Superliminal that sets the tone and mood for the upcoming deluge of distorted and strident sounds that deadmau5 has in store for us. This album has a theme and thus should be listened to in one continuous fashion more so than dissected into portions, and while I, like many others, have my favorite tracks and parts, those are only highlighted by the fact that they came before or after a succession of carefully planned tracks.

deadmau5 – Superliminal (Original Mix)

First and foremost, prior to listening or making any judgment on this album release, one should disregard any prior dislike or criticism they might have with the individual that is deadmau5. My reason for saying so is due to the aberrant number of reviews that tend to focus on the character more so than his work.


Now on to the actual review, for me this album is quite unique in the sense that it disregards much of what is deemed popular in the current Electronic Dance Music scene. This statement is more so supported by deadmau5’s famous quote in his Rolling Stone feature “Fuck dance music, you know?” Overall this album stays true to the mau5’s unique sound, and while it strays from his more downtempo progressive house hit Strobe, one can safely say that none of the tracks that are comprised in this album are produced for the masses and to please the mainstream audience. Its ambient motif is present in every track as the underlying theme of album, from the collaborative result between Joel and Wolfgang Gartner that is Channel 42 to Take Care of the Proper Paperwork, every piece of this release merges the appropriate amount of progressive ambient entrancing sound with the right amount of added electro complexity and dissonant notes.

deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 (Original Mix)

As stated above one should not go about this album to find and elect their favorite track since what makes >album title goes here< so good is the succession and merging of all these parts to create a final product that bests its individual pieces, with that being said I do have two tracks that I hold dear. For me those are Channel 42 and Closer with the first illustrating perfectly the collaborative prowess of Wolfgang Gartner and deadmau5.

deadmau5 – Closer (Original Mix)

Now I want to focus on the “for me” aspect since my own preferences might completely digress with yours and that’s OK and does not reflect on my or your ability to make good decisions and with that in mind enjoy this terrific release by producer extraordinaire deadmau5.

Click here to get: > album title goes here < – Deadmau5