Swedish duo Dada Life is finally unveiling the release date for their upcoming album titled “The Rules Of Dada“. While not having released a full length album since 2009 with “Just Do The Dada“, Dada Life is attempting to bring something new to the table with this latest 11 track release. Planned for October 16th on their very own record So Much Dada, Stefan & Olle face an interesting challenge as 4 of the 11 tracks have already been released and as such they will have to introduce new and much needed original content to the album. In typical Dada fashion, a few tracks of the upcoming album have already been previewed in their short but entertaining making of videos that take us for a few short seconds in the studio and life of the Dada duo. We will keep you posted as more information and previews get released but for now enjoy the 4 videos and this tracklist.

Pre-order on iTunes here: The Rules of Dada – Dada Life


01. Kick Out The Epic Motherfu**er (3:22)
02. Feed The Dada (3:03)
03. Arrive Beautiful Leave Ugly (3:49)
04. So Young So High (3:41)
05. You Will Do What We Will Do (4:00)
06. Happy Violence (3:48)
07. Rolling Stones T-Shirt (3:22)
08. Bass Don’t Cry (3:20)
09. Everything Is Free (4:17)
10. Boing Clash Boom (3:52)
11. Don’t Stop (5:21)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: