After having released his chart topping new album > album title goes here < the canadian producer (not DJ) deadmau5 is already thinking and talking about the next big thing. That next big thing is apparently comparable to Pink Floyd’s much acclaimed album The Wall. As the mau5 describes in an interview he recently had with MTV, he wants to create:

“something that tells a story and has a big package thing [around it].”

The interview also goes on to discuss the creation process of > album title goes here < and how due to Joel Zimmerman’s constant touring and performing, he had little time to fully devote to the album.

“[Making] the album was cool. It wasn’t one of those albums where I did ‘A, B, C, this is the way the album is going to go’ with the tracks. It’s more of a poster book of a year and a half because I had a big f—ing tour year, and if you’re going to do an album, you have to be home and do an album, and then you’re done like normal people. So yeah, as fate would have it, I would get home for a couple of weeks, and I would do that one song and people saw that, you stream it live and then I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll put it on the album.'”

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