In an era of music where artists seem to come and go from the popular landscape, there remains a special place in any genre for musicians who consistently deliver with their work, and exceed the expectations of the public. Eric Prydz is one of those icons, as the Swedish mastermind has sustained a level of success and recognition (from mainstream and underground fans alike) that is almost unparalleled in today’s EDM scene. Active since 2001, Eric Prydz has produced countless tracks over the years, under aliases ranging from techno-influenced Cirez D to the more progressive, experimental Pryda. Eric Prydz has already had a gargantuan 2012, as he headlined the Identity Festival in North America this past summer. He also released his full-length artist album Eric Prydz Presents Pryda (Virgin Records, 2012). The album, a compilation of remastered past tracks along with unreleased gems from Eric Prydz and his Pryda alias, was incredibly well-received and rose to 40 on the UK Albums Chart. Now the artist is hard at work on his next release, the Every Day EP off of his label Pryda Recordings. This preview was first debuted by radio host Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, and it does not disappoint.


The original mix is pure Prydz perfection, with expertly-mixed vocals and monumental synth work contributing to a spacious feel. The chord sequence is simple in its arrangement, yet brilliant in its execution, and Eric Prydz adds to the hook with some high-end leads that compound the atmosphere. And the breakdown seamlessly ties all the elements of the track together, bringing the energy level up for one last go-around. Also included on the EP will be a drum and bass remix of “Every Day” from Andy C; a deeper, techy remix from Fehrplay; and additional track We Are Mirage. This last track has an interesting story behind it, as it originally began as a mashup (created by friends of the site Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike) of Pryda track “Mirage” and Empire of the Sun’s song “We Are The People.” This mashup got an overwhelming buzz online for months, before getting approved for official release on Eric Prydz’s upcoming EP.


Eric Prydz’s innate mastery at combining deep, complex progressions with big-room, club-friendly feels has enabled him to hold a spot as one of the world’s top producers for the past decade. This newest release from the talented Swede shows that the producer has not lost a step, and is in fact better than ever. Take a listen to the preview, and make sure to grab the EP when it gets released on October 15th off of Pryda Recordings.




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