KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Armada Music have partnered to deliver this 51 minute long journey that spans one year in the life of 4 time number 1 DJ winner, Armin Van Buuren. While entertaining to watch, not much can be said about this documentary, as it attempts to condense one year of one of the greatest trance producers in the world in such a short amount of time. Sadly this documentary could have offered much further insight on the life of the producer, including his production techniques or a further look at organizing his world famous A State Of Trance series and upcoming ASOT 600 celebration tour. Instead the viewer is taken on a rapid tour of different locations and events, never truly connecting with Armin. Don’t get me wrong, this documentary is very entertaining and I enjoyed it very much, but it does not teach us anything new about the producer nor does it humanize him, on the contrary it seems to place him on pedestal. Let us know what you think in the comments.