Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris caught fire with their gigantic collaboration “Iron,” released last September off of Nicky Romero’s own label Protocol Recordings. The combination of Nicky Romero’s massive production technique with Calvin Harris’s flawless vocals was a match made in heaven, as it proceeded to tear up the Beatport charts. It’s only fitting that the track has now gotten the full remix treatment, with two massive remixes included on this newest release from Protocol Recordings. The first mix comes from Dyro, a rising from the Netherlands whose production style has caught the eye (and ear) of many an artist. Dyro just completed a gargantuan remix of Dada Life’s Feed The Dada” (So Much Dada, 2012), and he gives a similar treatment to this remix. “Iron – Dyro Remix” is a rollicking electro banger with a fierce bassline that drives the action. Bright synth chords, compounded with Calvin Harris’s expert vocals, also add to the atmosphere during the breaks. But it is the rip-roaring bass and furious energy that make this remix one of Dyro’s most impressive creations to date.


The second remix comes from another up-and-comer, Tony Romera, a French DJ with a lengthy discography to his name. His upcoming single, “Pandor,” was featured on Nicky Romero’s own Protocol Radio show (link), and Mr. Romera indeed caught the interest of the Dutch superstar. That interest must have only intensified with Tony Romera’s remix of “Iron,” which is a more progressive interpretation of the single. “Iron – Tony Romera Remix” contains a bouncing, high-end lead that plays steadily over the top of spacious synth chords, before a syncopated bassline completely changes the feel of the song to a rhythmic free-for-all. Tony Romera later lays the chords and lead back on top of the bassline, tying the elements of the track together in one seamless whole.


These are two high-powered remixes from two talented, rising stars. While Nicky Romero has shown his production skills plenty of times, he is now beginning to show his real prowess as a label owner with his selection of these two mixes. Dyro and Tony Romera do not disappoint. Grab your copy of this release today, and in the meantime, expect more big things from these two gifted up-and-comers.


Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Dyro Remix)


Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Tony Romera Remix)




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