You have probably already heard Madeon’s newest single, The City. Today, popcultur released the complimentary EP. The track list is as follows –

1. The City

2. The City (Extended Mix)

3. Finale (Netsky Remix)

4. Icarus (Live Version)

5. Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix)

The City is a familiar anthem from Madeon that’s a little bit more vocal-centered than usual, reminiscent of his previous release, “Finale.” An awesome surprise on the EP is a live version of Madeon’s “Icarus.” If you aren’t familiar with his live performances, a Madeon set is a unique experience. Check out an example of his clip-based performance here. If the release of live versions catches on, we could see a lot of interesting work from a lot of different producers.
The EP finishes off with a heavy dose of DnB from Hospital Records. The first half comes from DnB legend Netsky. His remix of “Finale” is melodic and euphoric enough to interest big Madeon fans while energetic enough to get the DnB crowd moving. Fellow Hospital producers Fred V & Grafix have worked similar magic on the familiar melody of “Icarus.”
“The City” EP is available today on iTunes and Beatport.