Disney once again showcases its interest with the EDM scene with this Toy Story 3 short that was recently featured before Finding Nemo 3D. Partnering with famous trance producer BT, Disney and Pixar release this entertaining albeit short 6 minute video, and from Kandy bracelets to laser robots and without forgetting the LED fishes, it is packed with EDM symbolism. Brian Wayne Transeau more famously known as BT, was chosen to create a high powered EDM iconic track for the short, and while this song might not be for every EDM enthusiast, it is tailored to a large audience and thus focuses more on a commercial sound.

This move by Disney, even more so, illustrates their desire to get more involved with the EDM scene and comes after the news that Skrillex will not only appear in Wreck It Ralph but will also be producing the soundtrack for the upcoming Disney movie.

Hope you find the short as entertaining as we did, and with that being said I tell you:

“What up fishes!”


Partysaurus Rex on Disney Video