Trance and Progressive House superstar Ferry Corsten has kindly dropped a nice early Christmas present to all of his fans with his previously unheard and unknown Progressive track, Silfra. Silfra was inspired while he was on vacation in Iceland over the summer. He noted that he was completely blown away from the beauty and serenity of Iceland the entire time and inspiration came in spades to create this lovely track. This track is meant to symbolize the peacefulness and ambient underwater world within the North American and Eruasian rift and is one of the most highly sought after places to scuba dive in the world.

Silfra begins with a peaceful question synth being answered by a playful bass while uplifting arpeggios create a nice touch. It goes into a euphoric, almost divine progression hearkening to the classic Chiptune sound that we all heard back in the 90’s. With adding in extremely emotional chords and strings, it brings in almost tribal sounding drums to build up the tension to this musical picture to a very soft, but weighted drop with intent and emotion directing clear to the listener. This is by no means a track that is very dance worthy, but then again, not all EDM is purely for dancing. This track was more as a work of art and the means to paint a picture in the minds of the listener, almost making Ferry a modern day painter who breaks traditional art methods by using sound as his medium.

What is especially neat about this track is the eccentric use of adventurous synths and different sound combinations to a harmonious balance of timbre and sound colors. Silfra is wildly different from any piece that Corsten has created in his extensive discography of his career. It has a certain gentle feel to it that is not like any song that we have heard and it creates exciting journeys for our ears and jittery legs itching to dance. Head on over to the link and grab the free download while it lasts!