It seems there’s no stopping Joe Garston.  The electro house wizard from Liverpool, England has established his own place in the genre with his gigantic releases and exciting production style.  Joe Garston has released tracks on labels like Plasmapool and Houserecordings, and has proved highly adept at mixing intricate melodies with massive electro grooves.  His latest release is no different, as “Pop Shove It” is easily one of the Englishman’s most impressive tracks to date.  Pop Shove It, like previous Garston productions “Forever” and “American Wasteland,” has an infectious hook that is slowly built on throughout the track.  The chord progression, while simple at first, builds to a frenzy with the help of some rich synth work, frenetic rising leads, and a thunderous bassline that drives the feel.  The final breakdown is a harmonious atmosphere that is helped by a backing synth arrangement and the ever-present synth chords.  The break is a welcome rest, before Joe Garston takes us out with one final segment after a legendary drop.

Truly, Joe Garston has proven that he is only getting better with each release.  If the talented Brit isn’t on your radar yet, Pop Shove It will definitely help his case as one of the brightest rising stars of the electro house scene.  Pick up your copy today.

Joe Garston – Pop Shove It (Original Mix)



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