Out on the  Armada Music record label is an EP titled REWIND and is a remix powerhouse. Featuring seemingly game changing remixes by Mikkas, Dabruck & Klein, tyDi, KATFYR. Ranging from Electronica to Dubstep; the Ep has been making huge waves in the EDM community, but there is one remix in particular that has stood out from the rest in that in the amazing reception it has received.

Mikkas, the 26 year old Electronic Music producer has had a track record of beautiful yet hard hitting bangers that aren’t restricted to certain genres. Although he does have more “Trance” tracks, the producer always seems to bend the rules with his signature hard hitting electro bass synths along with melodies and chords that are literally music to the ears.

(Side note: I (Danny) first heard of Mikkas by his remix on Porter Robinson’s Unison and instantly fell in love and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. That being said, it’s incredibly difficult to write this without any bias. My apologies in advance.)

His version of Rewind which can be heard below, features the beautiful vocals of Emma Hewitt but is almost overwhelmed by the thundering bass synths and melodies that make the track, “The Track”. While incredibly cliché, this track is an instant banger/tune/mint/massive track whatever you want to call it,  and everyone should go out and show support to Mikkas and buy his rendition of Rewind. While I wasn’t able to find any Tour Dates or previous tours I’m positive he’ll be playing at your local venues soon; Even if he does live more than 3000 miles away. (from us Americans anyways..)

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