With the staggering amount of sheer material that we discover and receive here at YourEDM, it really takes a lot in order for a track to not only sound good, but to stop us in our tracks and cause our breaths to be taken away. Most often we listen to a track and think, ‘That’s such a banger!’ or ‘Man, I am really digging this groove in this song’, but we don’t ever have a connection with a song that stays in our hearts for days and even years after we first heard it. Only some quality trance producers have been able to accomplish this feat, such as Above & Beyond‘s iconic single, Sun & Moon, or Tiesto‘s Adagio for Strings. And yet, sometimes, we are surprised at the glorious little tracks that often slip under the radar and shows just how many marvelous producers are really out there.

Today, we look at one of those releases in the form of Kelly Andrew‘s, Across The Sea. Colorado’s own Kelly Andrew is an incredibly accomplished musician and has composed full orchestral scores, film scores, and has received universal accolades with his debut album Olympus which fused together orchestral and electronica to express each of the ancient Greek Gods. And yet, many ordinary people like you and I have never heard of him. He is truly deserving of recognition and support from everyone just by the sheer density of just how emotional and magical this release is. Across The Sea is almost too much to comprehend and almost beyond words to describe, as it really is a piece that could even change your life.

Kelly Andrew‘s method of creating trance is to infuse orchestral/soundtrack music and use the musical theory behind that to create some of the most mind blowing trance ever. And while it might not be a huge big-room festival banger, Across The Sea is almost the very definition of beautiful in our books. The piece is astoundingly orchestrated with incredibly complex voicings, and perfect use of breathtaking trance strings, angelic vocals and a fantastic blend of harmonious brass and string sections. It keeps the vocal on an emotional high as gliding, outpouring trance synths begin its brilliant message. This is uplifting at its absolute finest and the emotions that are felt while listening to this piece are indescribable.

The reason we are absolutely gushing over this release is not only for the staggering craftsmanship behind the work, but for the absolute passion that you feel during the piece. This was created for the pure love of music and not for any real intention of money or fame. This showcases what Kelly Andrew calls, ‘Progressing world peace by uplifting and harmonizing the lives of people and to improve the accuracy of communication using music for expressing all feelings and moods.’ This piece is more of a musical journey than a work of music and almost transcends our knowledge of what music is and showcases what music COULD be. Across The Sea will be released on Sunday, December 9th, on Abora Recordings and I highly suggest that you buy the track on Beatport and support the artist so that we can receive more wonderful tracks by this amazing producer. Make sure to mark this release in your calenders trance fans!

Also, make sure to check out the Original and Intro Mixes included in the package!