Since its inception Facebook has without a doubt revolutionized the way artists and their fans communicate, promote their content and from the supporter’s stance show their appreciation for an artists’ work. As a result of this rather massive shift, the action of “liking” an artist has become an exponentially more valuable way to support an artist. In response to this new phenomenon, fans have been barraged with free releases from almost all artists as they meet milestones in terms of support. Yesterday, the Scandinavian duo, Pegboard Nerds, released a free download as a thank you for reaching 20,000 likes. The release, titled “20K”, is a high energy drumstep track that is sure to get your blood pumping. Featuring screeching lazer synths and fierce wobbles this driven drum and bass track cleverly intertwines samples from the film The Warriors indicating that they duo has accumulated ‘Twenty thousand hardcore members”. The ingenious sampling and the sound design on its own make this track a must download, lucky for you, its free! Do yourself a favor, grab this free download and if you haven’t already add your name to the list of hardcore members by liking Pegboard Nerds on Facebook here. Enjoy.

Pegboard Nerds – 20k | Download