Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock ‘n’ Roll has now met EDM. Working with the newest single from yes, THE Rolling Stones, Benny Benassi’s remix of “Doom and Gloom” may be his best yet. The song rides on the brash voice of Jagger as Benassi works in the raw tone of Richard’s guitar. This build up leads in to a tight drop sustained by the throbbing, punchy bass that Benassi is known for. “Doom and Gloom” proves not only the talented production on Benassi’s part, through the way he encapsulates the rebellious sound of Rock with the thunderous bass of today’s dance scene, but also his refusal to sound redundant in each track that he makes. Everything about this song is awesome and the best part is, 69 year-old Mick Jagger still sounds as good as ever. Be sure to give it a listen and buy your copy here!