Known for his unstoppable energy and iconic flowing blonde hair, leading Ukrainian producer and DJ, Vitalii Babii, (also known as Spartaque), has been completely destroying dance floors all around Europe with his own unique blend of Minimal Techno. While not quite as known here in the states, he has been a leading representative in the Ukrainian club scene, often touring in and around many noteworthy areas for EDM fans hungry for something different. He has produced a slew of quality productions for many labels, including Deeperfect, Toolroom Records and his own personal label, IAMT (I AM TECHNO). In 2010, Spartaque remixed Wally Lopez and Ismael Rivas‘ infectious and groove addled track, Is Deeper, into a complete monster of a track, turning the simple Tech tune into an even darker, riskier rendition than originally intended.

Spartaque grabs the original track’s identity by the seams and rips it away in order to showcase the darker side of Tech House. It starts with a muffled bass kick with strategically placed congas and hits while a sinister raw synth comes rolling in as well crafted ambiance-like synths keeps a good foundation. It builds to a feverish pace as the synth starts roaring through your speakers and blends in perfectly with the sub woofers, creating an ever more pressing and more ‘deep’ impression while maintaining incredible rhythmic drive. It settles into a unregulated, rebellious drop with some serious sub work that will mentally send you reeling and unconsciously have your head bobbing (and your feet itching to dance). Supplementing this is some techy, repeated stabs for stability and some unorthodox rhythmic percussion that gives this piece a feeling of urgency and instancy. Alongside this remix is some classic staples in techno, such as strategic, heavy white noise implementation and some pounding thick hi-hat fills that show to great effect. One aspect that we here at YourEDM love about this rendition of Is Deeper is the fact that it perfectly bridges the gap between the genres of Tech House and Techno. While the heavy sub synths and hi-hats scream techno, the high synths and the quirky percussion give it that intense groove that makes this tune so dance friendly, even if it is somewhat different than the rest.

Is Deeper is effortlessly cool and is not very well known, even in the Techno world. Only played on air by Ben-LB, it is an evil tune to play in a Techno set and an absolutely devastating tune to drop in Tech House sets. It is almost an aural experience in its own and it can not really be explained unless fully experienced. Play this song on some good quality headphones, or some big commanding sub woofers and watch your ears (and maybe the windows) pulse with outrageous energy and drive. Released by Italian label,  303Lovers, it is a secret weapon that is not to be missed by any DJ and certainly not a track to be missed for listeners wanting their ears to go on a surreal, mind bending experience. Head on over to Beatport and nab your copy today.

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