Relative newcomer Adam Szabo has recently been making waves within the trance stratosphere with his stellar releases on Always Alive Recordings. Starting out under the pen name, Adam van Baker two years ago, Szabo has brought out some stellar quality tunes such as his single, Serano and his collaboration with William de Roo with Lego and Royal Blue. His versatility and quick instinctual sound selections have proven through his releases with his main choice of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) being FL Studio. And his quality of character is impressive too, stating that “I love to share my knowledge with others and help those who need it, and I hope that in return people will appreciate and support my work.” In 2011, Adam Szabo released the intriguing single, Arcade, that was a breath of fresh air for Trance fans who had listened to too many of the same Uplifting tunes that was coming out at the time. Bounding full of youthful and playful energy, this track has a very distinct character with it and has a unique identity all its own.

Right from the get go, a set of quirky buzz synths accompany an incoming synth as the lively percussion gives this piece an energetic jump of speed. The combination of 80’s sounding synths along with the beautiful, flowing sweep synths give awesome contrast and gives Arcade great musical drive, albeit a different kind than we are used to. It jumps to a wild and rambunctious synths with crazy bends and unpredictable jumps into an animated, sprightly section with contrasting unusual synths providing a clash of musical colors (a good clash, mind you). Pulling down the speed, it pulls a silk cover over itself with the return of the sweeping synths and calm demeanor as it brings back the energy with unorthodox sounds and cool methods of sound communication. The influence of 8-bit music is showered throughout this section as it gives a really nice integrity of the sounds you would normally hear at an arcade. It drops into a cheerful, ecstatic line with many over-layered synths stacked on top of each other, each throwing caution to the wind and carrying their own melodic agendas. The entire feel of the piece has boundless power and is heavily influenced by old Japanese video game concepts; and overall, is just over a really fun piece to dance to.


Released in July on Always Alive Recordings, Arcade has been supported by a bunch of artists such as Mark Eteson, Daniel Kandi and Gareth Emery, but did not hit the anthem status that this piece rightfully deserves. While not a huge big room tune, it is something completely and wildly different and we at YourEDM always jump towards producers that have keen originality and intense individuality. You can tell that Adam Szabo took a huge risk to produce this and had an absolute blast creating this piece. And it shows with every passing second this track plays, as the level of detail and careful procedure is shining through the notes and into our ears. This is one of the most unique trance pieces that we have ever heard and it is a do-not-miss piece to own for any serious trance fans. Head on over to Beatport and snag your copies today Trance fans. Happy Holidays as well!







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