As disco-house steadily makes its presence in the airwaves again, only a few select artists have proven capable to produce such songs, DJ Dan being one of them. Teaming up with house-great Jerome Robins, they feature a groovy two song EP off DJ Dan’s personal label, InStereo Recordings. Coming off a huge year in 2012 with singles like Fist Pump Broken and Out of Nowhere, Dan fuses his smooth disco side with Robin’s signature house sound to create an EP full of upbeat vocals along with the charismatic disco-dance fever. Good For Me, the opener, grooves around a saucy vocal sample, making you feel like you’re a part of the Saturday Night Fever. The following song, “Rock the Place” is a disco-house sensation that is sure to find its way into the sets of house DJ’s soon enough. Despite being only two tracks, East West has just enough to keep all of you disco fans satisfied for the start of this new year, so be sure to grab your copy at Beatport!


DJ Dan, Jerome Robins – Good For Me (Original Mix)


DJ Dan, Jerome Robins – Rock the Place (Original Mix)