Michael Tsukerman, the legendary half of Gofman & Tsukerman, has offered up his good spirits of 2013 with his release of his brand new, unreleased single, Barnard’s Loop. A huge asset to Armada Recordings, Tsukerman has offered some of the most top quality Trance in the business and, in our opinion, is a brilliant technical artist when it comes to his productions. One particular unknown aspect in which he excels in is his personal touch on atmosphere on a piece. Atmosphere, in the musical world, means a certain kind of intangible pressence that pervails throughout the melodies and harmonies and almost envelops the listener into a deep unconscious void of being. With his stellar productions such as his mix to the iconic track, As The Rush Comes by Motorcycle, to his remixes of Ashley Wallbridge‘s, Vision and Ian Solano‘s, Eleven; he allows space and deep pulsing basslines to permiate through his tracks. Not to mention his killer synths and incredulous attention to detail makes him a virtuoso in Progressive Trance.


Aptly named Bernard’s Loop, (which is a ‘ring’ of Hydrogen that surrounds Orion’s Belt in space), Tsukerman decides to take the listener into an adventure into deep space and showcase the vast expanses of empty voids and infinite landscapes. Taking a leaf out of Ummet Ozcan‘s playbook, he starts off with a DEEP minimalistic bassline with thick, padded bass kicks, supplemented with atmospheric white noise and offbeat plucky staccato accompaniment. This drop showcases the mellow nature of this big tune, as the bass kicks alone with smother your ears with drive and relaxed movement all at once. It drops into an almost ambient and floating section with soft strings and smooth synth pads flowing the music through the cosmos as plucky notes begin a curious melody that is complimented by soundtrack-esque accompaniment. It builds speed with the return of the bass as flickering sounds and white noise carry it through the second drop, this time including Tsukerman‘s signature, liquidized synth drums. Additionally, the introduction of offbeat Big Room synths, along with choir/strings makes a triumphant message onto listeners and cool melodies to jam to on the dance floor. Bernard’s Loop is a fun track to listen and pleases casual listeners, musically inclined listeners and dancers everywhere. Seriously not a tune to miss. Pick up your copy down below in the link (look in the description for the link).