Whether by chance or fate, it is clearly apparent that the combination between underground Trance titans Illitheas and Ahmed Romel produces astonishing results in the studio and heartfelt sounds in one’s ear. Raised in Germany, Bernie Gums, AKA Illitheas, has been a shining diamond in the rough, producing some seriously powerful and euphoric Original’s in 2012, such as Your World and his production of Neza under his alias, Mavi. Meanwhile, Jordanian champion Ahmed Romel has had a huge year in 2012, producing his own style of Trance with the culture and sounds of the Middle East flowing and weaving throughout his chords and melodies. Such examples would be his remixes of Aiera‘s Dunes on Abora Recordings and his huge mashup of Photgrapher‘s Airport and Sunlounger ft. Zara Taylor‘s Try To Be Love (which was featured in Godskitchen’s Clash Of The Gods). Both however, maintain their focus on the original, golden facets of trance; of what Trance producer Solarstone has dubbed, ‘Pure Trance‘, which is described as “the embodiment of the Original [Uplifting] Trance Spirit”. Starting off the New Year right, these two joined forces to give us the mighty track, Mavi kuş, which is the very definition of ‘Total Emotional Overdrive’. Mavi kuş, which means ‘Blue Bird’ in Turkish, is one of the most unique Trance tracks that we have heard at YourEDM and has both the essential qualities of power/energy and passion/emotional tact, while showcasing its identity in a purely Middle Eastern flavor of style.

Out of the starting gate comes great energy, as piano and similar piano synths synonymously clash together in textured harmony with a particularly crisp and clean percussion section. As the supporting characters retire into nothingness, the faint sounds of the elegant, Classical piano drifts into the background. Sustaining some fantastic atmosphere and potential vitality, the intricate and surreal sounds of the Qanun [???]*, which is a Middle Eastern ‘decedent of the Egyptian harp’, provides a repeated bassline that instantly gives this track it’s unique and pleasurable change of pace from our usual fare of Trance. Soon, the absolutely beautiful, trill induced piano follows suit, giving us some unique chord changes with changes in Major and Minor (for musicians, playing around with a i, iv, i, V6/4 chord progression) and gives us that distinctive Middle Eastern flair that Ahmed Romel no doubt wanted to express to his audience. After some ambient silence,  the main message of the piece is revealed and triumphantly procures its highly emotional and charged sense of being as it soars above the atmosphere with some of the most beautiful, Uplifting melodies that we here at YourEDM have ever heard. The ‘drop’ will cause any serious Trance head to have no words and will transport them to another dimension; one without time and space, as only them and the magnificent musicality of Mavi kuş both administer their emotions towards one another in pure bliss.




With the beautiful, jaw-dropping melodies of Ahmed Romel and Illitheas fantastic work at creating that big, arena filling sound, the two have created an absolute masterpiece in Pure Trance and have given us hope that 2013 will usher in a new era of Uplifting Trance around the world. Considering the fact that this is the first co-production for both artists, we were shocked at just how mind blowing their first production has flourished their unique style of writing (and orchestration) and we here at YourEDM are extremely excited to see how this newly formed duo’s future productions will blossom. Mavi kuş will be released on Blue Soho Recordings in early 2013, although we don’t have an exact date on its release. We will let you know as soon as we find out Trance fans, but in the meantime, keep this release in mind in the future!








*Note that [???] means that we are not entirely certain of this particular fact and are going by a well educated guess to the best of our musical deductions and ability.