Lately there has been a lot of talk about rankings and compilations. EDM blogs have ranked just about everything there is to rank in the world of EDM and they have compiled compilation on top of compilation. But what about a recap of the ridiculous from 2012? Where is the post applauding Dillon Francis for taking it upon himself to raise DJ Awareness? Or the post thanking A-Trak for taking time out of his rigorous touring to keep us informed on the quality of his hotel stays? And nobody has delved into the archives to bring you the masterful DJing skills of prerecorded celebrity DJ sets. That is why I am here. Myself, along with the help of the YourEDM team have compiled the greatest and not so great moments from 2012. Enjoy!

Dillon Francis gives out free tacos for DJ Awareness

It was really tough to pick just one Dillon Francis video. Dillon has a brilliant comic mind and has released tons of hilarious videos this year. Everything from impersonating A-Trak to taking it upon himself to start EDC Alaska and even demonstrating DJ self defense. Bravo to Dillon for a phenomenal year of hilarious videos.

A-Trak Hotel Guides

Don’t get me wrong, I think A-Trak is a great DJ. Being the Technics/DMC World Champion at the age of 15 is cool and all but clearly his true calling is reviewing hotels. Year round, he provides us with excellent, in depth reviews of hotels around the world. We thank you for your service A-Trak and look forward to another year of top notch reviews.

Zedd’s obsession with Levels

Zedd made it no secret this year what his favorite track was Levels. Obviously!

Celebrity DJing

EDM has gotten so big in America, it was only natural that celebrities galore would start jumping on the bandwagon. Here are a couple of my favorite celebrity DJ moments from this year:

Paris Hilton

Check out this crazy video of a flanger effect obsessed Paris dropping the bass hard in her pre-recorded DJ set in India! And yes it is pre-recorded, Afrojack said so.

Sasha Grey

EDM has gotten so big that even porn stars are hopping on. Sasha Grey proved to us that not only is she good at looking great on camera, but she  also does a great job of looking absolutely clueless in the DJ booth.

Al Walser

I think we were all a little surprised when Armin came in at #1 in the DJ mag polls over Al Walser (said no one ever). This obscure artist came out of nowhere and even got nominated for a Grammy! With a song that ranks with the high quality of Rebecca Black’s Friday and a music video that I could have shot in my high school A/V class, I Can’t Live Without You is sure to be a song that none of us will forget, unfortunately.

Lastly, Happy New Year from Armin & Tiësto:

Hope you enjoyed this article. If there’s something you think belongs here that I didn’t post feel free to post it as a comment below for everyone’s viewing pleasure! Happy New Year!