After many years of waiting, Trance leviathans Aly & Fila and John O’Callaghan have finally decided to combine both of their incredible and unique facets of Trance to present the hotly anticipated Uplifting single, Vapourize. Three years ago, these three teamed up for the first time to give us the massive Trance anthem, Megalithic, which introduced the amazing chemistry that these two possess.  The type of sound that they give off in their productions perfectly compliment each other, giving each other their own strengths to combat their weaknesses and create a synonymous melting pot of pure energy and talent that is nearly unmatched by anyone else in the field. With Aly & Fila‘s gorgeous synths and Epyptian melodies combined with John O’Callaghan‘s immense power and deep rooted synths, the two have created a masterful work of art that is sure to be one of the best releases of 2013.

Not wasting any time, Vapourize starts with immense energy and the rumbling, growling synth work of John O’Callaghan as the accompaniment soothes the track with Aly & Fila‘s offbeat Progressive notes, long elegant body of chords and serene atmosphere; (while being challenged with some intricate acid flanger work). It pulls into a gorgeous floating section with a string/choir combination of sounds as it takes the listener into deep space, floating in the void. A magical acoustic guitar creates small, but meaningful ostinatos as the section changes into a metamorphosis of musical intent with a serine, but constant building section. Here, Aly & Fila‘s sound is showcased as it builds into a drop that demonstrates the full, raw emotional power that Uplifting Trance has to present. Even more emotional drive is pushed on home as John O’Callaghan gives us that much needed energy boost with his sub and bass work that truly brings this entire piece together.



Already supported by influential Trance artists such as Armin van Buuren, Mark Sherry, Roger Shah and Ronski Speed, we expect this legendary match-up to give long lasting shock-waves throughout the Trance community. The pure, youthful energy and high, emotionally charged melodies makes this piece a strikingly valuable track to procure the most out of Uplifting Trance. Their recent escapades in their B2B sets, (one of which was Electric Zoo, which changed my life), has shown that their alliance produces magnificent and magical results, which has certainly spilled over into their works. Vapourize already has that sound of an instant classic and even reminds us of a little bit of Paul van Dyk in his earlier years. Aly & Fila and John O’Callaghan brings us back to the older, purer facets of Trance and we here at YourEDM couldn’t be more excited about this new development at the start of 2013. Vapourize has been released by Future Sound Of Egypt Recordings (FSOE) and is now out on Beatport. Get on over there and grab this stellar production, Trance fans!