It’s been a while since we’ve heard from French Government, the exciting house duo from Paris whose genre-blending style has been turning heads since 2008.  The duo had a successful 2011, releasing hits like Balkanize Me, Discolicious, and Tech Avantage, while being featured on labels like Cr2 Records and Stealth Records.  For whatever reason, the members of French Government decided to have a relatively quiet 2012 as a group, releasing only a few track previews through their Soundcloud.  But today, in an exciting announcement, the French house duo revealed a new demo on their Soundcloud page.  This lengthy demo, appropriately titled “Hey French Government!  Where the hell have you been?” is a 23 minute-long mix of various all-new tracks that the group has been working on.  On their Soundcloud page, French Government made this announcement:

“2012 has been the year where we decided to get off the radar screen for a bit. Sometimes, an artist needs this. We wanted to develop side projects and kept producing heavily without necessarily sharing stuff.

2012 has been the year with so many messages from all around the world, asking where the hell we had been and what the hell we were doing. In 2012…we missed you guys!

2013 is the year of the comeback under our good old French Government identity and…we’re really excited about it.

Here’s a very first of a series of demos of new tracks combined into 100% French Government sets. We hope you’ll enjoy it!”



If the clips from the new demo are any indication, French Government hasn’t lost a step.  With newfound energy and a handful of fresh tracks on the way, these talented Parisians plan on picking up right where they left off–as one of the most original groups in the global house arena.  We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.




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