Connecting Trance listeners around the world with some of the best Uplifting tracks around, Trance All Stars Records releases yet another fantastic rendition of music from the soul with the single, You Are My Love by Arbeats. However, it is relatively unknown producer Sandeagle that takes this production to a whole different galaxy and injects some pure power and dynamic melodies that is influenced by Trance titans, Aly & Fila. Stationed by Liberec in the Czech Republic, Sandeagle has already created tunes such as his remix of Cosmic Heaven‘s Lunar Mile and released a bunch of cool freebies including his remixes of Armin van Buuren presents Gaia‘s Tuvan and Reconceal‘s, Touch Her Heart. Optimizing on energy packed basslines and drive while not endangering his melodious identity, Sandeagle capitalizes on the fine line between emotional instincts and technical prowess, which produces some seriously impressive peak time sounds perfect for stadiums everywhere.

Sandeagle instantly declares his sound by starting with an edgier, power synth with some heavy bass kicks and prominent sub work, with interlocking acidic lines weaving in and out of the musical drive. Added are some unrefined strings and a fantastic acoustic guitar line that gives You Are My Love its Uplifting identity. With eyes closed and hands in the air, it breaks into a gorgeous string section with a great chord progression (including many suspensions) that pulls into a nifty Breaks section with some really radical choices in drums and bass kicks. The bass and accompaniment brings the energy to an ebbing high as the Breaks cut out, replaced by driving sixteenth notes. The kicks increase in speed until it grips the melody and heaves it towards the heavens, as emotional, ascending melodic lines gracefully glide into the listeners ear, causing uncontrollable dancing and sudden, but unexpected smiles. The chord changes brings out a lot of 9ths and great musical clashes that are pleasing to the ear, as the return of the guitar wraps this piece together quite nicely with the pulsing drive it also represents.



Only starting in 2009, Sandeagle has that encompassing, mature sound that makes it seem as though he has been producing for decades, with his sound almost rivaling those of producer’s Manuel le Saux and John O’Callaghan. His glorious melodies, his unique sense of orchestration and his passion towards Pure Trance are only some of the qualities that he brings forth and his dedication towards preserving the facets of Uplifting are doing nothing but improve the industry as a whole. However, his productions do not get any recognition for the amount of talent this young man possesses. We here at Your EDM predict 2013 to be a great year for Sandeagle and we are very excited to see where his sound will take off. Sandeagle‘s remix of Arbeats‘s You Are My Love is now available on Beatport. You know the drill, Trance fans, get on over there and pick up this stellar Uplifting release from Trance All Star Records!

Also make sure to check out the stunning Original by Arbeats too, folks!