Fresh off a successful 2012, Disfunktion is starting the new year off in style with an absolutely ferocious track.  The group had one of the most notable releases of last year in their album “Appetite for Disfunktion” (review), containing such progressive anthems as “Goodbye Miami” and “Pushing.”  Now, the Dutch house duo–one of Your EDM’s “Top Rising Stars of 2012″ (link)–just recently unveiled a preview of their upcoming release through Soundcloud.  The track, “Beat My Drum,” features a heavy electro groove, with some massive synth work and a pounding bassline.  

Disfunktion has always had a wide-ranged style, yet this is one of the few times that the avid producers have taken on pure electro house.  However, they bring their signature style to Beat My Drum, giving this forthcoming release an infectious groove and an energy all its own.  If this is just the preview, we can’t wait to hear what the full version will sound like.  The track will be released off of Moon Records.  Make sure to check back here on Your EDM when this upcoming track gets its official release date!





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