Savoy is certainly a gem in the EDM world. Ben Eberdt, Gray Smith, and Mike Kelly from Boulder, Colorado are one of the few actual bands in the scene. They are known for their catchy, dirty tracks along with their intense laser shows to accompany their god-like symphonies of bass. To the benefit of their fans, Savoy actually uploads their tracks for free so everyone can enjoy these amazing songs. Enjoy Your EDM’s review of Savoy’s Personal Legend EP.


The Bridge:

With a deliberate pace, The Bridge picks up steam for an excellent horn part. The instrument selection in the horns is astounding and sends chills up my spine every time I listen to it. Following this glorious concerto of sound, Savoy floors you with their heavy bass arpeggio that will certainly shake anyone to their core. I can only contemplate how amazing this track must sound live!

Aftershock Ft. Big Gigantic:

I have no idea where to begin on this banger of a track. The leads in the intro pierce the air around you, filling your ears with warmth and happy thoughts. Even the grimey dubstep vibe contrasted the lovely saxophone part and brilliantly blended them together. Electronic music is an amazing feat when produced right. This collaboration had created a stupendous song that will be in my music shuffle for years to come.


Obviously noting the misspelling of the word “kids,” you should rightfully assume these children are up to no good. In a gradual build, the high pitched rave synth reverberates throughout my room on my sound monitors. Tech inspired bass parts add a nice touch to this heavy track as the pace maintains it’s course. This foot stomper is bound to get anyone bouncing around the club.

Hard to Say:

Being the last track on the EP, Savoy certainly brings their charm into play in this soulful song. The piano intro and wonderful vocals adds that special touch of pizzazz to Hard to Say. Echoing out, the vocals along with the filthy cacophony of bass sounds very Nero-inspired. Compliments to Savoy for finding the perfect way to ending this new release.

For their sheer talent and for uploading their music for free, artists like these guys are hard to come by and this opportunity to hear greatness cannot be passed up! This amazing band is performing across the US in their Savoy: Live with Lasers Tour. Check out their website for tour dates or go to their Facebook to download this epic EP for free. I look forward to listening to this EP for many months to come as well as see their live show here in Dallas soon. Enjoy!

Rating: 9/10