From the land down under comes a duo with solid production techniques and an incredibly authentic style.  Bikslow, composed of members Lachlan and Tom, are a production duo based out of Brisbane, Australia.  In 2012, the avid music makers had a solid year, resulting in the duo being signed by notable label Plasmapool.  Bikslow’s latest release is The Iron Giant, a straight-up melodic take on electro house, released off of Houserecordings (an imprint of Plasmapool).  Bikslow uses a tight low-end bassline, while building on an intricate progression with some high-end synth chords.  The duo uses solid synth work throughout the track, as they give the entire arrangement a seamless chord progression and a spiraling lead, while also utilizing some vintage piano chords to give the breakdowns a spacious atmosphere.  This is pure journeyman electro house, as Bikslow is not afraid to take you to faraway places with this track.


All in all, this is a solid release from a solid, up-and-coming duo.  Expect more great things out of Bikslow in 2013, and pick up your copy of The Iron Giant today.


Bikslow – The Iron Giant (Original Mix)




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