It’s not too often that we find a talented Progressive producer in America, since our scene today is more inclined towards a bigger, clubbier sound. But, as we see time and time again, there are numerous producers that have what it takes to be musically successful and the sheer amount of talent that is out there is staggering. Recently, Taylor Raburn, otherwise known as Sedi, has been making shockwaves in the Progressive scene. Only producing for about a year, Sedi‘s sound is that of a seasoned veteran and has integrated harmonious interludes and genius orchestration into his productions. His hard work has started to pay off, as one of his remixes was recently supported on Above & Beyond‘s ABGT Radio Show. A shining example of his masterful abilities in Progressive is his remix of Roald Velden‘s Endless Summer. Released today as part of Velden‘s For You EP, Sedi has incorporated his own unique style of Progressive in order to give us a great, feel good track that you can’t help but smile to.

Starting with flowing upbeat chords and neat percussion work, it brings an upwards synth and drifting, serine chords into a mellow, calm drop with gliding choir synths and soft, but thick bassline. Sedi has somehow managed to fit many musical ideas and timbres into a single musical plane, without overcrowding the piece itself. Rather, he does it to fantastic effect so that the core serine intent is still kept in tact. In the breakdown, he takes the choir to a standstill as piano rolls in with little hints of melodic ostinatos peeking from the chords. As the melody is introduced, we hear a cool timbre of a synthed voice alongside luchious strings and a gorgeous opening harmonic line with rising synths on the horizon. It drops into a fantastically complex melody with each idea having its own musical agenda, yet each remain integral towards the overall blueprint of the piece. Sedi has creatively taken the Original and given it a bouncier, lighthearted feel to it, making it a fantastic addition to the Progressive sphere.



Hailing from California, we can tell that his days at the shore and sense of relaxation and youthful energy that Southern California entails has definitely shown in his works. Sedi‘s sound of 2013 closely reminds us of years back with the older Progressive sound of EDX and Adam K & Soha and it definitely brings nostalgia to us at Your EDM. He manages to keep the core sense of Progressive in check while incorporating a certain flair of sprightly, vigorous energy that shines in Endless Summer. This track is perfect for those lazy Sundays, for winding down, or completing homework and it definitely should be on the list of those wishing to find the beauty in music (hint, this track has bountiful measures of that). We predict big things for Sedi and we will see how his budding career with project throughout 2013. Roald Velden‘s Endless Summer is (again), part of his EP out now on Portrait Digital Recordings, so do yourself a favor and head over there to pick up this stellar track.

Make sure to check out the rest of the EP too, fans!


Keep the music alive. -Q